Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Toddler Drinking Beer

A mother is supposed to be a protector for her children, and always take care of the bad things about food and drink included.

But it does not apply to this mother, in the United States, a mother named Valerie Marie Topete pour his beer into the drink when he was in a pizza restaurant. Several witnesses called the police immediately after seeing the incident. So reported the Associated Press on Friday (07/06/2012).

Because of his actions is, the mother was arrested for drinking the beer on his son who was just two years. The baby's parents admitted her own child who wants a beer.

Worse, the two-year-old baby was drinking beer from the drink. While Topete pleaded not guilty to pour beer for her baby. He argued that poured beer for the kids kept trying to grab his beer.

When police checked the place to drink, they found a small amount of fluid that is known is beer. Now, the baby was taken to hospital for examination and then handed over to his father.

Topete was eventually arrested on charges of torture on children. Not clear if he will defend himself on charges related to this or not.

Listening to the above case it was sad too, how not, just imagine toddler drinking beer with the intent of the parents, although his intention to obey the child who is whining asked, should the mother is menyisati with other beverages such as soda gives same-same frothing.

View the defense of the mother who said her son kept trying to grab a beer in his hand does not make sense, because where the two-year-olds know the drink was intoxicating or not.

Still, for whatever reason the mother which was originally intended to placate the child's lead even disastrous. Mothers may on Kompasiana no one likes to give beer to their children as well