Monday, July 23, 2012

Marsh's Free Museum

Marsh's Free Museum is a roadside stop that lures you in with more than tacky seashell gifts (though they have plenty of those too). The walls and ceiling are lined with various knick knacks from snake skins to weapons to bee hives to soviet military metals.

The main attraction at Marsh's, however, is "Jake the Alligator Man," a mummified half-man half-alligator. Visitors can easily spend the better part of an hour browsing Marsh's taxidermy collection, which includes a two-headed calf, a cycloptic lamb, a two-headed pig, and a shark. A real (or so it is claimed) shrunken head is also on display.

From "mechanized antique gaming machines and peepshows, there is no end to the marvels one uncovers in every nook and cranny," according to Marsh's official website.