Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Forest of mystery boy in germany

Recently been confused by the Berlin police a strange case. What article? One young man who claimed to have lived in the forest for 5 years with his father suddenly appeared in town. He claimed to not remember the origin and family name. when asked, he only knew his first name 'Ray'.

Because it appears without an identity, the police still trace the origin of the difficulties these teens. He estimated about 17 years old and likely not the original German as a language only understood a little German and English fluently.

Currently, police in Berlin in cooperation with Interpol in all of Europe is trying to solve the mystery of the boy's identity by matching the physical attributes with missing persons reports in recent years. Experts were called in to detect the language dialect and speaking style which could be an indication of where to live first. Until the last news was revealed, there was no evidence of a crime who has not been found and there is a bright spot of his true identity.

Ray arrived in Berlin to roam around the city hall on September 5. He was found in good health with a backpack containing a tent, sleeping bag and winter clothing. He said that after her mother died about five years ago, his father took him to live in the forest. During that time they lived in tents and the hole they dug in the ground and nomadic.

According to his testimony, his father died a few weeks ago after falling in the forest. Before he died, his father asked that he went north to Berlin. After burying the bodies of his father, he then walked to the north with the help of a compass. He arrived in Berlin about 2 weeks later.

Because age is still below 18 years, according to German law, local media are required to obscure his face. Which he described as a normal, healthy teenager with brown hair with blond pageboy cut (which was bowl-rich lo ..)

Public reaction to this news is quite skeptical. One blogger said that in Germany, the compass is not too useful. "Anyone who lost even in the most remote places only take a maximum of 1 hour before arriving at a nearby village." He commented.

Public skepticism is understandable. The state of Brandenburg and Berlin has about 23% of forest area, the rest are agricultural areas, residential and transportation routes. Forest area in the state is quite low compared to other states that have extensive forest area above 40%. Especially in a country that is located at high latitudes such as Germany, its biome is a combination of coniferous plants like Pine and broadleaf trees such as Maple. With a less dense forests and vast agricultural areas which, it should not take long to reach the nearest settlement.

Ray said if the story is true, then the story is very similar to the case of 'forest hermit' in 2007, where a 43-year-old American who reportedly lived in the woods near the river Mosel for 4 years after a breakup with her boyfriend.

In our country, certainly not a strange thing that man can live in the woods for years. Our rural community until this very day there are still many who live in areas that are beyond the reach of modern civilization. But in developed countries, it is unique because the pattern of life which has been established. It was unthinkable to live outdoors in the winter when temperatures can drop below -20 C and a source of food is difficult to find, because it was bare of plants and animals also choose to curl up in the nest. This situation is certainly different to tropical rain forests which warm and humid, relatively not difficult to find sources of food because of the diversity of plants and animals throughout the year.

Ray currently lives in one emergency youth center whose location is kept secret. "He is still in a state of shock, we want to make sure that he should be allowed to calm down." Said one spokesman for Berlin police. Who is the real Ray? We wait for the rest of the story of this mysterious jungle boy.