Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crocodile-Headed Fish Strange uproar Residents of Palembang

Crocodile-Headed Fish Strange uproar Palembang residents - Residents LRG Lebak Keranji RT 08 RW 03 Long Hill Village District IB I, Palembang, South Sumatra, a scene, because the discovery of a strange fish.

The fish were lured people in Kambang (a small fish pond) in Palembang Rear Taqwa Mosque, Saturday (3/12) at 17.00.

The odd fish exactly resemble the head of the crocodile head with sharp teeth that consists of two layers.

Upper and lower body of the fish, the scales just like snake scales. While on the tail is shaped like a fish toman colored black spots.

Fish weight of 2.6 kg with a length of 77 inches head to tail.

Inspiration (25), residents who managed to lure the fish to tell when the fish takes the bait rod is strange, very strong pull of the fish. Ilham fishing hook had to be drawn gradually up to the edge of the pond.

"When the fish would be appointed, I was immediately surprised to see his head. So I am head of the fish directly use wood, because I was scared and thought I was bitten by a crocodile and scared, "said Ilham who admitted he did used to go fishing with friends on the site.

Strange fish is then brought inspiration to his house. News of the discovery of a strange fish was immediately horrendous local people.

Suddenly the house Ilda Akbar (46), Ilham uncle, at the end of LRG Keranji crowded valley residents who flocked to see the odd fish finding inspiration.

Strange fish was displayed on the front porch. Alternately citizens see strange fish while the fish capture with a camera phone.

"I and the people here who have decades of living in the lowlands (swamps), had never seen fish like this. So the fish is really weird, "said Ilda.

Added Ilda, fish head is the head of a crocodile, because the shape of the teeth and tongue a short exact crocodile. Scales of fish, especially the belly of the fish, its scales like a snake.

"If the tail is like the toman fish, but this is not a toman fish. Kalu toman fish fins above and below, but this strange fin there are two parts of the stomach and two more under the head of the fish, "said Ilda to

According to Ilda, strange fish will be preserved by hardened. If anyone is interested with the odd fish, recognized Ilda please come straight to his house.

"People who come in full swing. The police had come and suggest fish are on display on the front porch, "he said.