Tuesday, July 10, 2012

PYRAMID MOUNTAIN IN prehistoric relics PADANG Cianjur indonesia

Cianjur, JM Campaka Sub-Region, Cianjur allegedly discovered a prehistoric relic pyramid building. Pyramid of size four times larger than normal size, height alone, is estimated to be the largest pyramid in Southeast Asia. "Certainly this is the findings of past history, pyramids ever thought something like that. Just like in Mexico and Egypt. Here also there, "said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan when reviewing the Sundanese culture exhibition that was held in the grounds of Government Coordination and Development, Jl. Ir. H. No Juanda. 6 Bogor, Monday (25/10/2010). However, archaeological objects is still tragic fate. Far from the safety let alone care. To that end, in 2011, the Government of West Java Province will commit to save the site. The provincial government will allocate around USD 1-2 billion to care for these findings. "At least we will do to keep from damaged and touched with an adequate fence. So people if there is no longer reaching the site. Simply look at from the outside, "added the Governor.

Head of Tourism and Herdiwan Kebudyaan West Java province, adding that the Pyramids are found on Mount Padang is a legacy from prehistoric times. "The peak has been discovered by the archaeological center of Southeast Asia's largest extent. Now found pathok pathok-like pyramid, the most extensive in the world, "added Herdiwan.

Security efforts so far undertaken is still limited in the area of ​​safety wiring the top of the pyramid. Chairman of the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) of West Java, Pon S. Purajatnika add to this process of excavation can not be done, both in the peak area covering four acres and an estimated total area of ​​50 hektar.Bila this continues, it is feared objects scattered sites in the area used as a stone by bida population of the village of Karya Mukti tersebut.Berdasarkan various sources, site of Mount Padang is punden staircase-shaped megalithic sites of the largest in Southeast Asia. Is considering a building area of ​​approximately 900 m2 purbakalanya with area around the site itself approximately 3 acres.

The existence of this site first appeared in the report Rapporten kundigen van de oudheid-Dienst (ROD), in 1914, later reported to NJ Krom 1949. in 1979 concerned officials in the development and research of cultural bend is followed by the overseers of local culture and Pulit ditlinbinjarah Arkenas to review the site location. Since that time research efforts toward the site of Mount Padang began to do well from the point of archaeological, historical, geological and lainnya.Bentuk berundaknya punden building reflects the tradition of megalithic (meaning great and Lithos mega means stone) as is common in some areas in West Java. Gunung Padang site located 50 kilometers from Cianjur said to be the greatest megalithic sites in Southeast Asia. Among the local community, the site is believed to be evidence of attempts to build castles in King Siliwangi semalam.Dibantu by his troops, he tried to collect the stone blocks that are only found in the area. However, the night seemed to pass faster.

Burst of dawn in the eastern horizon was thwarting his hard, then it is of Regional and then he left. He let the stones scattered on the hill which is now called Mount Padang. Gunung Padang Padang means terang.Punden staircase, built with massive volcanic rocks are rectangular. The building consists of five terraces with different sizes. The stones have not had a touch of human hands in a sense, has not worked or shaped by human hands. Blocks of stone which the sums are so many that spread almost over the top of Mount Padang.Penduduk local dub some stones of the terraces with the names of the smell of Islam. For example there is a table called Milled Pangancingan Kiai, Chair Bonang Grandmother, Grandmother Jojodog or Swasana seat, backrest stone Suhaedin Sheikh alias Sheikh Abdul Rusman, grandparent households Marzuki Sheikh, and Sheikh Abdul Fuko stone.