Thursday, July 12, 2012

Niagara Tesla Monument in Ontario

in Queen Victoria Park there resides a figure of one of the greatest scientific minds, watching over the waters which were so important to one of his greatest achievements.

While electrical achievements are more often attributed to Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison, Tesla was the man behind alternating current, which allowed electricity to actual become a practical tool of humanity.

One of his larger projects took place at Niagara, though more on the American side of the border. Said to be inspired by the power of Niagara Falls he saw in photo, he yearned to harness the power the pounding water represented. Eventually this inspiration led to his invention and cooperation in construction of the first AC hydroelectric power plant.

The monument shows Tesla standing with a cane atop on of his AC motors. The sculpture, sponsored by the St. George Serbian Orthodox Church of Niagara, is the winning design of Les Drysdale, from Hamilton, Ontario.