Friday, July 6, 2012

wall of china

Wall length 10.000 Li, China is the last stronghold of the siri scouted around 200 BC and strengthened between the end of the 14th century to the beginning of the 17th century, during the Ming Dynasty, to protect northern China rather than attack and Turkik Mongol tribe.

He was preceded by several walls nurtured since the 3rd century BC to the pirate clans-nomadic tribe who came from areas that are recognized today as Mongolia and Manchuria.

The length of the Great Wall of China this is approximately 6.400 miles, than so to Shanhaiguan in the east of Bohai Bay, located border with China and the Manchurian border, so that the Lop Nur in the southeast region of Xinjiang. In 2009, a review arkaeologi new report using the most advanced technology that the entire length of the wall, with all its branches, reaching 8,851.8 miles (5,500.3 bt).


A defensive wall had been cultivated in the northern border in the Qin dynasty and maintained by dynasties onwards. The main building was originally five were listed:

A. 208 BC (Qin Dynasty)

2. The 1st century BC (Han Dynasty)

3. Century-7 (Sui Dynasty)

4. 1138 - 1198 (Period Five Dynasties and Ten Countries)

5. 1368 - 1640 (From Emperor Hongwu to Emperor Wanli in the Ming Dynasty)

The first major wall when the government has fostered the First Emperor of Qin Dynasty. Great Wall has been fostered by combining several existing walls ready to be fostered in the Warring States period. Origin of the Great Wall is located further north of the Great Wall that still form today, and its eastern hujung up in North Korea today. But the big sebahagian first big wall has been destroyed.

The Kingdom has led the farmers to build this wall, and crowded the dead when membinanya. By that, he also held the 'longest tomb in the earth'.

Great Wall we see today is the result of development the Ming Dynasty. Portion in the wall of earth mixed with stone-bridge. Upper portion is made the main road to China State cavalry. He is stronger and last longer. The main function of this wall is to resist the onslaught of the clan-nomadic tribe from the north.

Sun Dynasty Great Wall starts on the east of Shanhai's camp, near Qinhuangdao in Hebei District. It was through nine regions, 100 regions and the Courant last 500 km to the west is destroyed completely. Hujung today in the western portion is located in the historic Jiayuguan (Jiayu camp) in the northwest region of Gansu, the Silk Road hujung.